S-Series 4MP IP Varifocal Dome Economy

S-Series 4MP IP Varifocal Dome Economy


Our latest S-Series IP Network security camera is a weatherproof dome camera that is an economical 4MP camera with a 2.8mm-12mm motorized zoom lens. If you’ve never used a camera with a motorized zoom lens, you’ll be thrilled with the ability to change your view from the convenience of your office, home, sitting on the beach or anywhere else that you have internet access. If you’ve ever experienced standing on a ladder as you adjust the zoom on the camera then you know what I’m talking about! If you’re upgrading your IP cameras, why not consider 4MP and see the difference for yourself?

The IP66 rating ensures that these cameras have been tested and are protected against dust and low pressure water jets, thereby making it an ideal choice for interior and exterior use. At night and when there is little or no light available; this camera is still a logical choice thanks to the built-in LEDs that provide IR (Infrared) light up to 98 feet away from the camera. Another benefit of this camera is its ability to work with either a 12V DC power supply or PoE (Power over Ethernet).

With this 4MP dome security camera from S-Series, you’ll have a wide range of settings that you can adjust so that this camera will work best in the environment you are using it in. The IPOD-SBE4IRZ might be economical but you can easily access and change settings like brightness, saturation and contrast so that you can maximize the cameras efficiency. In addition, this camera supports smart alarms using options like video exception, line crossing, intrusion, etc.


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