S-Series 2MP Bullet

S-Series 2MP Bullet


If you’ve used our S-Series cameras before, you know that they are a great quality camera and offer the most important features available today. These bullet security cameras are what are known as QUAD cameras since they are capable of working with four different technologies that include HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD and Analog. Changes are made easily by using an OSD (On Screen Display) controlled by the convenient toggle switch on the cameras pigtail and not UTC (Up The Cable). What a great way to be able to try out different technologies on some of our Tribrid or QUAD technology DVRs!

If you already have a good quality coaxial cable and a 12V DC power supply in place, you’ll find it really simple to connect these cameras to an existing system or set up a new one. The 2.8mm fixed lens is appropriate for so many settings thanks to its wide angle view that allows you to see a large open space from a distance yet, you can move it closer and still get a crisp, vivid image.

There’s no need to worry if you’re placing these cameras in a poorly lit area because they will still be able to see in the dark. They have 24 LEDs that produce IR (infrared) so that you will be able to see up to 65 feet away in those low light situations and even total darkness.


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