S-Series IP Mini PTZ 2x Zoom

S-Series IP Mini PTZ 2x Zoom


Are you in the market for an IP Network PTZ Camera, and can’t seem to find a camera that matches your budget, well you can stop searching. This mini Vandal Proof Dome is accessible under even the most frugal of budgets. The advantage of having Pan, Tilt, 4x optical and 16x digital zoom is unparalleled. Say you’re having issues at your convenience or grocery store with theft; thanks to the price of this camera you can now place one camera at each register, and with the 1080p resolution of this camera, you’ll be able to monitor your business, and have the peace of mind you’ve always wished for.

This camera is ONVIF compatible, we recommend you use it with the ELITE Series of NVRs and Cameras, but it does also function with any of our other NVR. Since it’s a IP camera it runs off a CAT5 network cable, you can choose to power this camera using the POE built into the CAT5, but you can also choose to use a standard 12V power supply. Built to last this camera has an IP66 rating, and to top it off an IK10 rating, giving you peace of mind that your cameras are Vandal Proof

This camera has a built-in Micro SD card slot that supports up to a 128gb card, but this will fill up quickly due to the high quality of 1080p at 30fps. Our product specialist would recommend that you use an ELITE Series NVR to get the most pristine results from this camera. When connected to an NVR you can record crystal clear 1080p video, the only limitation will the the storage capacity of your NVR. If you need to calculate how much space you need, you can use our CCTV Hard Drive Calculator to determine what’s right for you.


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