S-Series 4MP IP Varifocal Bullet Economy

S-Series 4MP IP Varifocal Bullet Economy


This new, economically priced, weatherproof Bullet IP Security Camera from our S-Series is a 4MP camera with a motorized zoom lens that goes from 2.8mm-12mm. Consider the ease of being able to adjust your view from the comfort of your desk, living room or even the beach! No more standing on a ladder in the rain trying to adjust the zoom. If you’ve become accustomed to high definition video then this may be the best choice for you to increase the quality without any significant increase in cost.

This camera is rated IP66 for its capability to be able to be used in various weather environments so it’s perfect for indoor or outdoor use. This makes it important for the camera to be able to work during the day and night! When you have low light and even no light, this camera is able to see up to 98 feet away thanks to the built-in IR that provides light so you can see at any time. For those of you without easy access to a standard 12V DC power supply, you have the option of plugging your camera into the back of a PoE capable NVR or a PoE switch and utilizing what is called Power over Ethernet ( PoE) that allows you to power the camera through the same CAT5 cable used for data.

Our latest 4MP bullet camera from S-Series may be economical but it has a complete set of functions that allow you to set the camera so that it works smart for you. The IPOB-SBE4IRZ has plenty of image setting adjustments to help you control the quality and things like brightness, saturation and contrast while it supports smart alarms such as video exception, line crossing, intrusion, etc.


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