S-Series IP PTZ 3MP 20x Zoom

S-Series IP PTZ 3MP 20x Zoom


This is the newest IP PTZ camera from our S-Series line of products. While you might think your 1MP cameras are sufficient, technology continues to keep moving and this 3MP camera would be a pretty serious step up that you’re sure to notice, especially when you use the 20x optical zoom. While this is an IP network camera that uses CAT5/6 cable to transmit your video signal to your NVR, this also offers you the option to connect a video out connection to your DVR for a 2MP HD-TVI or AHD signal. Maybe you’re planning on upgrading to IP but you’re not totally ready to buy a new NVR but whatever your reason, you’ll love this camera.

You’ll be well protected against the elements and other things you can’t control. This camera is made for use in a variety of different environments both inside and out and is certified with an IP66 rating confirming its weather resistance. One of the other things you can’t control is criminals who would cause damage to your security equipment to try to keep you from catching them. That’s okay since this camera also has an IK10 rating that will make it harder for someone to damage it intentionally and if that wasn’t enough, it has TVS 6KV lightning and surge protection. Turn this one camera into a full blown security system with the audio in and out connections, alarm in and out and even the ability to record snap shots to a micro-SD card!

Let’s not forget the trademark Starlight technology that offers improved light sensitivity which will allow you to capture the highest quality video with very little light. This will allow you to maintain color recording for a longer period of time so you won’t have to rely on your IR as soon as you lose a little daylight. Another feature of this 3MP PTZ is the use of Smart IR that evenly distributes light from the LEDs and eliminates IR reflection and excessive illumination while providing infrared light up to 295 feet away. The 5.5-110mm zoom lens works together with the 20x optical zoom to provide you with superb 3MP video at 30fps.


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