S-Series 8MP IP Varifocal Bullet Camera

S-Series 8MP IP Varifocal Bullet Camera


If you are in the process of buying cameras for your home or business, and you are serious about your security, consider our 8MP/4K cameras. This 4K UHD bullet security camera from S-Series is capable of producing some of the highest resolution video available! It’s never been easier to connect to some of our S-Series 4K NVRs and record and play back 4K video. This bullet is built to last and can be used indoors and outdoors and has an IP66 rating to prove it. This has a number of great features that can add to your ability to see and to hear. With a microphone in and out connection as well as an alarm in and out, you can hear what’s going on and you can configure the camera to trigger motion or sensor alarms.

With an array of 48 LEDs, you’ll have the ability to see up to 164 feet in low light and total darkness. Criminals think they can get away with things when it’s dark but they don’t understand that these cameras can still see in the dark. Combine that with a 3.3-12mm motorized zoom lens and you have the potential to stop crime before it happens. Say for instance, you have motion alerts set up to send an alert to your email when motion is detected and you receive an alert. You log on to live view and someone is trying to open a safe in your office. If your camera is positioned properly, you can zoom in and get a closer look and possibly catch more detail of their face or some identifying feature. It’s also convenient if you move things around in your store or at home and need to get a more up close view.

This ONVIF compliant camera can be used with any ONVIF compliant product to deliver HD video that you can rely on! If there’s ever a need for alternative storage if you ever have a problem with your NVR, this has an onboard slot for your SD card so you can record up to 128GB that can easily be shared. Among the features that you’ll find helpful is the ability to power this camera using either a standard 12V DC power supply or PoE (Power over Ethernet). Maybe you’re too far from a 12V DC power supply and if that’s the case, you can easily use the CAT5 cable that you’re already using to transmit the video signal.


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