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We are a locally owned and operated Security Camera, CCTV, & Video Surveillance Company in Birmingham, AL and we offer Security Cameras, CCTV Camera Installations, & Security Camera System Installations in Birmingham, AL. We also offer a wide array of security camera services to ensure your needs are taken care of. We offer Security Camera Installation, CCTV Camera Installations, & Video Surveillance System Installations in both Commercial & Residential environments in and around the Birmingham, AL area.

Each camera system we sell can be installed indoors and outdoors and all of our systems are 100% weather proof. No matter Rain, Snow, or Shine our cameras are ready to capture anything that may take place on a property.

With more and more businesses and residential consumers gravitating towards security camera installations be sure to choose wisely in your decision making. We would be honored to assist in helping your business or home get the perfect security camera system.

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Dome Turret Camera System


4 Channel 2MP HD Dome Turret Camera System - Security Camera Installation Birmingham AL

Hybrid+ technology supports analog, HD-TVI and IP cameras for complete flexibility
  • 2.0 MP IP turret security cameras, white
  • 2.8 mm lens; 108° FOV
  • Records up to 1080p HD video @ 30fps
  • Supports latest compression tech: H.265+
  • Comes with 2TB hard drive and free mobile app

Closed Circuit DVR Systems


2MP HD Security Camera System 4 Channel DVR - CCTV Installation Birmingham AL

Unique Hybrid+ technology supports analog and HD-TVI cameras, plus IP for complete flexibility
  • 2.0MP HD-TVI bullet security cameras, white
  • 2.8mm lens; 103.0° FOV
  • 1080p HD video @ 30fps
  • DVR supports CIF/D1/960H/720p/1080p resolutions
  • True Day/Night (ICR)

Vandal Resistant Dome

3MP Vandal Resistant Dome Camera

HD Dome Camera 6MP - Video Surveillance Birmingham AL

Vandalproof HD camera with latest video compression technology enhances clarity and storage
  • 6.0 MP resolution HD video @ 20 fps
  • 2560 x 1440 @ 30 fps
  • 2.8 mm lens offers 97° field of view
  • Supports H.265+/H.265/H.264OVC/H.264/MJPEG
  • Low-Light 0.01 Lux rating

Birmingham Security Camera Installation (BSCI, LLC) has been serving the greater Birmingham and Central Alabama communities for over 15 years. We have the knowledge and experience to make your camera installation a breeze. We setup, install, and configure each system to work with your home or office network to make sure you can remotely view your home or office even when you’re away via cell phone, tablet, or PC. This makes leaving the office, a vacation, family trip, or an outing on the town for a day or night a much more peaceful experience and you can rest assured that your home or office is being watched over by the best cameras in town. Heck, you have probably been to one of our customers locations and seen the camera’s in action. We have many clients that we are extremely proud to have worked with and continue to work with. Our CCTV Installers can guide you through the step-by-step process and show you everything you’ve been needing out of a Security Camera System

4MP Mini PTZ - S - Series Demo

S-Series 4MP IP Bullet Camera Demo

360 oBirmingham Security Services

Video Surveillance Systems Birmingham AL

Securing your home & business 24/7/365

2MP IP Camera Systems

Remote viewing from anywhere in the world with our via Mobile Device, Tablet, PC, or Mac.

View your Home or Business from anywhere with a stable internet or 4G connection

Where are you needing surveillance?

Weather-proof, Digital Zoom, and Night Vision - Included

BSCI, LLC offers a wide variety of CCTV & Video Surveillance Systems to fit our clients needs. There are many different types of Security Camera Camera Systems ranging from DVR Systems to NVR Systems, High Def (HD 1080p) to 8 Mega Pixel Systems that feature Bullet Camera Systems, Dome Camera Systems, even hidden covert camera systems. It’s our goal to make sure you fully understand each system that we sell and install. Even if you want to add cameras to an existing system we have the ability to help. Each system is different and can be customized to fit your needs. We give our clients multiple options for their specific situation. We take pride in helping our customers take care and watch over their most valuable assets.

360 o CCTV Systems Birmingham

CCTV Systems Birmingham AL

Latest Devices

Hardware Never Fails!

With our outstanding warranty your system is good for the long-haul!

Always Reliable Installation

Our installations are some of the best in the industry.

Leading by Innovation!

We have access to ALL the latest technology in the surveillance world.

Innovation is Our Middle Name

As you already know we offer a wide array of services to ensure your needs are taken care of. We offer and sell many different types of camera systems as well from DVR Systems, NVR Systems, High Def (HD 1080p) to 8 Mega Pixel Systems. Bullet Camera Systems, Dome Camera Systems, even hidden covert camera systems. It’s entirely up to you on what you want we can get them all.  Even if you want to add cameras to an older system we can fix ya up. Each system is entirely up to you and we go over each camera system in detail that way you know exactly what you’re getting instead of something you didn’t want or need. We take pride in helping our customers take care and watch over their most valuable assets. It’s something we have done for a long time and will continue to do.

Keeping Your Home & Business Safe

Birmingham Security Camera Installation wants to help you and your business with ensuring safety in today’s workplace. Which is paramount in protecting your assets. Utilizing a CCTV systems will improve your office environment security and production.

Security at Every Step

Safety is our Watchword

Apps That Supports

Access your home or office from anywhere in the world with our award winning iOS and Android app

Apps That Warn

Get instant notifications on Object Detection, Object Removal, Intrusion Detection, and Motion Detection.

Technology Supports Security

Our technology we use can notify you anytime day or night.

Make Your Place Safe

By installing a CCTV Security Camera System not only can you deter theft from outsiders, but you can decrease internal theft as well. If you need to monitor a location in real time a Security Camera Surveillance System & CCTV Camera Systems are the absolute best option

User Friendly Gadgets

Security Cameras Birmingham AL

Hard-Wired Cameras

We DO NOT recommend using WiFi based cameras as connections or signals can drop at anytime. Each system we install is hardwired for stability.

Night Vision Cameras

Our cameras offer the best Night Vision in the industry depending on what you need. From 65ft to 300ft you choose what you want to see in total darkness.

Elite Cameras

Our elite cameras can detect heat, motion, and follow intruders, cars, or objects.

Ensure Safety in Your Surroundings

Where Caution Blends with Technology!
On each camera system we sell & install we give a FULL warranty for up to three years
after the install. (Yes! Even the outdoor cameras)! Each camera system is backed 100%
no questions asked warranty. That includes the DVR or NVR, each Camera, and the internal
Hard Drives of the system. We think that is the right thing to do. Taking care of our
customers is our main goal and always will be. 

Video Surveillance Systems Birmingham

Security Cameras 360o Birmingham, AL

As a local business owners we also need to know what are employees are up tp and if they’re being productive. Thanks to modernized technology, today’s Security Camera Systems, CCTV Camera Systems, and Surveillance Camera Systems the picture quality of these systems are as good as your HD TV’s. Did you know the best analog surveillance camera still can’t hold a candle to the worst IP camera when it comes to the resolution of the image it captures? At best, an analog camera can manage the equivalent of less than half a megapixel, whereas a Megapixel camera wouldn’t be much good if it didn’t produce an image of at least ONE of the things it’s named after. Additionally, IP cameras capture a much wider field of view than comparable analog cameras, meaning a single IP camera is potentially able to do the job of three to four of the old school cams. Most of today’s camera system have Full 1080p and some even offer 4K picture quality. The options are virtually limitless with Security Camera Installations. 
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360o Coverage

For Total Coverage

Captures Movements

Motion Detection Recording

Longer Backup

Upto 90 days

Night Vision Recorder

Crystal Clear Clarity

Our certified Video Surveillance trained technicians are here to earn a 5 Star Review from all of our customers and the best thing about us is that we are not here to gauge you on prices. Our camera installers in Birmingham, AL have multiple years of experience installing cameras in office buildings to residential homes. No job is to big or to small for us. All of our cameras feature Night Vision, Motion Detection, Email Alerts, and are 100% Weather Proof .

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