S-Series HD 2MP Dome

S-Series HD 2MP Dome


Our S-Series offers some of the best quality, feature packed products available in today’s marketplace. Our latest dome security cameras work with multiple technologies including HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD and Analog. This is what we refer to as QUAD cameras because it does work with those four different technologies. There’s an easy to use toggle switch that is conveniently located on the cameras pigtail and changing the setting is as easy as holding the toggle in the direction of the indicated technology and holding it there for 5 seconds. You can also use that toggle to make adjustments with the user friendly OSD (On Screen Display) instead of the usual UTC (Up The Cable). Because these work with multiple technologies, using them with our Tribrid, Quad or Pentabrid DVRs is a breeze!

If you’ve had a surveillance camera system in the past couple of years, there’s a very good chance that you already have coaxial cable and a 12V DC power supply that is readily available. That makes things really simple when it comes time to install these cameras since you can just connect them to the existing cable. With the 2.8mm fixed lens, you’ll be able to get a wide view over areas where you need to be able to keep an eye on everything. The 2MP resolution provides the clear, high definition video that is necessary in today’s world.

These S-Series cameras have built-in LEDs that emit IR (Infrared) light that allows this camera to see at night or in poorly lit areas. This has 12 LEDs that give you enough light so that you can see up to 65 feet away from the camera in areas that you might otherwise need to find alternate light sources.


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